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3 years ago
Henry Lennix joins Man of Steel Cast

Source: Variety

Veteran character actor Harry Lennix is the latest thesp to enlist in Zack Snyder’s Superman pic “Man of Steel.”

Lennix has closed a deal to play a high-ranking military officer named General Swanwick in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ highly-anticipated tentpole.

Lennix joins a cast that includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Julia Ormond, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Christopher Meloni and German thesp Antje Traue.

“The Dark Knight Rises” helmer Christopher Nolan is one of several producers on “Man of Steel,” which is skedded for release in December 2012.

Lennix, best known for playing Commander Lock in WB’s “Matrix” sequels and his turn as Ray Charles’ manager Joe Adams in “Ray,” recently appeared as a detective in Universal’s “State of Play.” He’ll soon be seen playing comedian Ron Waters in the indie “Mr. Sophistication,” which he also exec produced.

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3 years ago
Editorial by PaulRom on upcoming Superman Film

Just wanted to share this awesome editorial written by Paul Rom. The original post can be found at

EDITORIAL: Why I think Man Of Steel Will Be The Best Superman Film To Date!

I have nine reasons why I think that Zack Snyder’s upcomingSuperman reboot will likely be the best film about the Man of Tomorrow to date. Check ‘em out after the jump!Ok, for those who don’t know, I’ve been rather excited about the upcoming Superman reboot for quite some time. If any CBM character needed a good, modern re-telling (not counting Superman Returns, since it’s still a part of the Donner franchise), it’s the Man of Steel himself. We’ve had characters such as Batman, Punisher, and Hulk be rebooted, as well as the fact that we’ll soon have reboots of Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four to name a few. But Superman, IMO, is probably the character who needs a modern translation the most. He’s still an icon among kids AND adults alike, and they need a Superman film other than Donner’s two installments to enjoy. Superman Returns failed to use modern technology to its fullest, thus producing a very slow film. From what it appears, however, Man Of Steel will likely make Returns look like Catwoman or Batman & Robin in comparison. 

Anyways, enough of that. Onto the main purpose of this editorial, the nine reasons why I think that Man Of Steel will indeed be our best Superman film to date…

1.Zack Snyder has stated that Superman will ‘kick ass’ in this film.

As critically acclaimed as Richard Donner’s first two Superman films are, you can’t deny that they were light on action. Superman Returns showed this even further, showcasing a Superman that doesn’t throw punches. However, Snyder has expressed interest in showing Superman’s true power, and confirms that he will indeed ‘kick some ass’. I’m sure many of us will enjoy that, as Superman’s one of the most powerful comic book characters around, and a film truly showing his potential should be nothing short of amazing.

Personally, I’d love to see Superman beat the heck out of a villain similar to what he does in this video.

2. Christopher Nolan is involved, and Snyder is directing.

Yes, you can say I’m biased when it comes to Nolan (IMO, he has yet to produce a bad film). But any true Nolanite would be thrilled to see the guy bring in significant creative influence into the screenplay of the latest Superman film. Considering Nolan’s near-perfect track record in creating excellent stories, and with David S. Goyer (who co-wrote Batman Begins and conceived the story for The Dark Knight), we can safely say that the script will likely be awesome (we can’t say for certain until we see the movie, however!). Then we have Zack Snyder directing. While Sucker Punch proved that Snyder isn’t good at writing his own script as he is directing others’ scripts, Snyder’s visually one of the most impressive directors around (his work in films such as300 and Watchmen proved that). So with Nolan/Goyer doing the script/story and Snyder directing, we can expect one hell of a film.

3. The cast so far is excellent.

Initially, I’ve never heard of some of the actors in the film (Henry Cavill, Julia Ormond, Christopher Meloni, etc.) before they were cast into their respective roles, so I can’t really say how their acting abilities are thus far. However, I’m really liking Kevin Costner as Pa Kent and Russell Crowe as Jor-El the most. Diane Lane looks like a good choice, but she seems a bit too young (maybe they’ll add makeup to her as time goes on in the film?). I’m still warming up to Michael Shannon as Zod, and Amy Adams should do a sexy job as Lois (she was definitely not my first choice, but I’m warming up to the fact each day). Antje Traue should do a good job as Faora as well.

4. It’ll be the first actual modern-retelling of Superman.

Superman Returns is the only Superman film to be released in the span of nearly 20 years, but as stated before, it didn’t take advantage of the modern technology available. Now, we have that chance with Man Of Steel. Also stated previously, Snyder’s incredible with the effects he injects into his films, and I highly doubt that Man Of Steel will be an exception. So obviously (especially with a reported budget of $170 million or so) we can expect the film to take a lot of advantage of the technology that’s available now.

5. It’ll have NOTHING to do with the Donner films.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the first two Donner films as much as most fanboys, but Returns proved that the formula just doesn’t work in modern times. Knowing that Man Of Steel will not be connected to the Donner films in the slightest (which is to be expected for a reboot, of course) should be a relief, and confirms that it’ll likely not be another Superman Returns trainwreck.

6. It’ll be as contemporary as possible.

Tying it in with reason #4, this will be the first real contemporary take on Superman (and probably more realistic). Speaking of realistic, many are wondering whether or not they’ll ditch the briefs in Man Of Steel. I personally hope they do, for the sake of being realistic. Like, the classic suit works well in the comics, but if someone saw a dude flying around in big red underwear, they’d be like ‘Dude, that’s gay!’ or something. I wanna see something similar to the DC Relaunch suit, but with a yellow belt and some red patches right below it (to make the fact that the trunks are missing a little less noticeable).

7. It’ll possibly focus on Superman’s origins completely.

Most people know that I’ve been in favor of not doing an entire retelling of the origin of Superman since Donner already covered it in ’78, but after some thinking, it makes sense to go over it again (to an extent, at least), since most people (specifically younger audiences) would likely not wanna watch an obviously outdated film with cheap effects and skintight suits when they can watch a film with loads of special effects and better costuming (which will inevitably be in Man Of Steel). Re-doing it in a modern fashion would likely bring the story fresh in the minds of the young audience, similar to what Superman: The Movie did for the past generation.

8. Perhaps General Zod making an appearance would actually be great.

Previously, Zod has been in only two Superman films out of five (a cameo in the first Donner film, and the main villain in Superman II), and having him again being played by a new actor in a new generation is certainly welcome, IMO. I know a lot of people were complaining about another Superman villain not being brought in (such as Metallo or Brainiac) and instead see a villain recycled, but just be happy that he won’t be fighting Lex Luthor again (or at least until a possible sequel to Man Of Steel), and I’ll be happy if they don’t overuse Zod in the same fashion for future installments. And just because a villainess will be used in this film doesn’t mean that it’s a Superman II remake!

9. Man Of Steel could open up possibilities for future villains to finally make the big screen.

A partial continuation from reason #8, we’d all love to see other well-known villains of Superman hit the big screen (Brainiac, Darkseid, Doomsday, etc). Recently, we had some possible details that may or may not be BS, one of which was that Brainiac would be set up as a villain in a possible sequel. Also, considering the interest in putting out a film adaptation of ‘The Death Of Superman’ (one of which, Superman Lives, was very close to pre-production and even had a teaser poster when it was canceled), I can see Warner Bros. wanting to bring Doomsday in a sequel (especially after the success of the Superman: Doomsdayanimated film released back in 2007), and the story would be an incredible live action film.

Well, those are the reasons why I think Man Of Steel could very well be the best Superman film to date. Of course, we can only know for certain when the film comes out in December 2012, but I think that it’ll at least be better than Returns;)
Anyways, if you also think that Man of Steel will be the best Superman film to date, feel free to post your reasons why in the usual place! Man Of Steel flies into theaters mid-December 2012.

DC Comics to look for on 07/06/2011

Available in stores starting July 06, 2011! Go to your local comic store and check these out! You can find out more information on these and other DC Comics !

Adventure Comics #528

Official DC Description: It’s “Graduation Day” for the seniors at the Legion Academy as they find out their new postings — and the lucky ones AREN’T headed for Legion membership.

Batman and Robin #25

Official DC Description: The most unlikely team-up ever comes to an end. It’s the crashing finish to the brief alliance of Batman, Robin and Jason Todd, a.k.a. The Red Hood, against a common foe. After all, the three “sons of Wayne” can put their differences aside for just so long. And when one fight ends, another will begin…

DC Comics Presents: Superman #4

Official DC Description: These spectacular stories from ACTION COMICS #768, 771, 772 and 773 guest-star the Marvel Family and Nightwing, and include an epic controntation between The Man of Steel and Ra’s Al Ghul!

DC Universe Online Legends #11

Official DC Description: Luthor unveils his next move in the elaborate game he’s playing against Superman and Brainiac – but how will it change the DC Universe? And Lois Lane is holding back a shocking secret from her husband – when revealed, it’ll rock the Man of Steel to his very core!

Superboy #9

Official DC Description: Trapped in the twisted lair of the Hollow Men, Superboy, Psionic Lad and Simon must wage a desperate battle for the souls of Smallville!

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3 years ago
New ‘Man of Steel’ set Pics

Courtesy of YorkvillePatch, we have some new images of sets being built for the upcoming Superman film.

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3 years ago
Win a trip to the Man of Steel premiere!


Legendary Pictures and Sideshow Collectible have teamed up to launch a contest where you can win a trip to the premiere of the new Superman movie, the Man of Steel, plus a $2,500 shopping spree at Sideshow Collectible headquarters!

So how do you enter?

You need to either order the collector’s edition of the “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope” book from director Morgan Spurlock, or enter by mailing a 3×5 card with your full name, postal address, phone number and e-mail address to ‘Man of Steel’ Sweepstakes, 2630 Conejo Spectrum Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320.

The Grand prize winner will receive:*Two (2) tickets to attend the ‘Man of Steel’ movie premiere on a date TBA*Round trip coach class air transportation for Grand Prize winner and one guest from a major airport nearest the winner’s U.S. residence to the premiere of ‘Man of Steel’ (date: TBA) airport transfers only. The winner and his or her guest musttravel together.*Hotel accommodation for one (1) night (one room, double occupancy, room and tax only; no other incidentals will be included).  Length of stay is dependent on availability of travel accommodations and is subject to Sponsor’s sole discretion.* The two (2) tickets to the movie premiere will be presented to the winners upon arrival at their hotel.*$2,500 Shopping Spree and tour at Sideshow Collectibles’ headquarters at 2630 Conejo Spectrum Street, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320.  Items chosen by Grand Prize winner in his or her shopping spree will be shipped directly to him or her.  Items eligible for selection are those with an IN-STOCK status on the website approximate retail value for Grand Prize package: USD $7,500.00, but may vary based on the winner’s residence.  Travel will likely occur between July 1, 2011, and July 1, 2012, for the Grand Prize winner. Dates may vary, and all travel and accommodations will be arranged at Sponsor’s sole discretion.How to Enter.  There are two ways to enter: 1) All purchasers of the ‘Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope’ Collector’s Edition book (Item No. 901442SC or Item No. 901442) will be automatically entered into this contest. Information collected during the order process will serve as your contest entry, including the e-mail address on your order. 2) Entry may also be made by mailing a 3×5 card with your full name, postal address, phone number and e-mail address to ‘Man of Steel’ Sweepstakes, 2630 Conejo Spectrum Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. These are the only ways to enter. Limit one (1) entry per person. Only complete entries received during the Promotion Period will be accepted.Source: Official Rules


DC Relaunch Video


Courtesy of


3 years ago
Man of Steel set pics?

Thanks to, we may have the first photos from the Man of Steel.

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3 years ago
DC Comics to look for on 06/29/2011

Available in stores starting June 29, 2011! Go to your local comic store and check these out! You can find out more information on these and other DC Comics at !

Aquaman: Death of a Prince

Official DC Description: Don’t miss this dramatic 1970s tale from ADVENTURE COMICS #435-437, 441-455 and AQUAMAN #57-63! As Aquaman faces his greatest foes, Black Manta plans his ultimate revenge on the Sea King – resulting in the death of Aquaman’s infant son and the dissolution of his marriage.

Batman Incorporated #7

Official DC Description: Man-of-Bats and his protégé, Red Raven, continue to aid the Dark Knight in tracking down a shadowy, sophisticated killer. Will these two members of The Club of Heroes become the newest additions to BATMAN INCORPORATED? Or will they die before they can even be offered the chance?

Detective Comic #878

Official DC Description: Off the coast of Gotham City, with no help for miles, the vicious smuggler and pirate Tiger Shark holds Batman captive on his ship. Can Batman escape in time, or will he become food for Tiger Shark’s deadly pets? Plus: The saga of James Jr. continues. Is he a victim of circumstance or vicious killer? You decide. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to “Hungry City.”

Flash Point: Project Superman #1

Official DC Description: FLASH FACT! They experimented on him in a lab for years!

Red Robin: Hit List

Official DC Description: Who are The Socials, and what is their mysterious agenda in moving young people across the city in self-organizing crowds? Is it mind-control – or simply boredom? What starts as fun and games becomes deadly serious and leads to an unexpected confrontation between

Red Robin and Robin in this new collection from issues #13-17.

Wonder Woman #612

Official DC Description: This is the one you’ve waited for! The year-long “Odyssey” storyline comes to an earth-shattering conclusion! Can Diana defeat the powerful forces that destroyed her entire reality? And even if she wins, she could still lose everything!

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3 years ago
Meloni to play a General in Man of Steel

According to NY Magazine Christopher Meloni will be playing a general in the upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel.

Don’t let the bald head fool you: Christopher Meloni, the latest star linked to Zack Snyder’s Superman movie Man of Steel, will not be playing villain Lex Luthor (as some online fans have speculated).

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ClevverMovies on Julia Ormond and the rest of The Man of Steel Cast


ClevverMovies on Julia Ormond and the rest of The Man of Steel Cast


Source: ClevverMovies YouTube Channel.

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